diablo cocktail

When the red of hell clashes with the purity of ice, you’re making a Smoky Diablo. Despite its name, this is a perfect cocktail to balance the heat of summer. The sweetness of the creme de cassis combines perfectly with the tartness of the ginger beer and the intense smokiness of the mezcal. This cocktail is particularly suitable for a summer party where you can dance to a frenetic rhythm and lose all sense of time!


2 Parts Montelobos Mezcal
3/4 Part Lejay® Cassis
4 Parts Ginger Beer
1/2 Part Fresh Lime Juice



How to drink

Build over ice in a highball glass. Let Cassis drizzle down cocktail. Garnish with a lime wheel and ginger candy.
Your Smoky Diablo cocktail is ready to enjoy.

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