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Born from centuries of ancient mezcalero craft and enlightened by the methodical pursuit of true perfection.

Meticulously crafted, artisanally produced and strikingly balanced, Montelobos is an experience unto itself


Anatomy of Mezcal

Read Iván Saldaña’s book for an inside look at how Mezcal is made in Mexico.

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Tequila to wake

The Living


Mezcal to wake

The Dead

– Mexican Proverb –

Most mezcal is still produced the way it has been for the last 500 years. It is distilled from maguey, a species of agave plant that comes in many different varieties. To make a proper mezcal, you must first harvest the agave piñas and then roast them for days in a special fire pit. It is from here that mezcal takes its distinctive smoky lavor. The piñas are typically ground using a horse or mule-drawn tahona and the mash, or tepache, is left in stone, leather or wood vats to ferment. Once fermented, the liquid is distilled in copper or clay stills and the mezcal is complete.

Tequila is made only from the blue agave and produced in much larger volumes in a more modern, mechanized fashion. For most tequilas, the autoclaves and brick ovens where the agave hearts are cooked operate using pressurized steam produced in petrol boilers. Unlike artisanal mezcal, there is no fire pit involved. The fibers from the steam-cooked agave are separated at the beginning from the juices, producing a very different flavor.

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