Mezcal Artesanal

The Wayof theWolf

Loyal, brave, rebellious.

The soul of Montelobos Mezcal is like the spirit of the wolf, protector of the night, loyal, instinctual and brave. Montelobos is forged in the lands of Oaxaca and Puebla to tell the story of our tradition and our community, still surrounded by the mystery of its rituals.
Everything about Mezcal – from the early morning harvests to the blazing fires to the hard stone- is powerful and ritualistic. A rebellious spirit at heart, that draws rebellious characters to it.

Montelobos Mezcal was created by agave specialist Ivan Saldaña, PhD in Botany, and agave specialist Don Abel López Mateos, a fifth generation mezcalero. Saldaña’s vision was to create a mezcal with a mosaic of balance and complexity that celebrates the characteristics of the agave plant. His ambition was that anyone tasting it could discover something new every time in the distinctive and layered spirit.

Mezcal Espadín

Montelobos Espadin is an unaged mezcal joven, crafted from meticulously, cultivated organic agave Espadin, which is roasted underground and small batch distilled to achieve a perfect balance of sweetness and subtle smoke.

product bottle espadin mx min

Mezcal Ensamble

Montelobos Ensamble uses Papalote (A. cupreata) as a base and is complemented by Espadín (A. angustifolia) and Tobalá (A. potatorum); This Montelobos expression offers an explosion of contrasting flavors such as pink pepper, chamomile and candied apple. It has a body and an acidity in the mouth that highlights smoke and fruit.

product bottle tobala

Mezcal Tobalá

Montelobos mezcal Tobalá is an unaged joven mezcal, crafted from cultivated tobala agave, roasted underground, wild fermented in open air vats and small batch copper pot distilled to achieve a perfect balance of green agave sweetness and subtle smoke.

product bottle pechuga

Mezcal Pechuga

Espadin mezcal distilled with a turkey breast, seasonal fruits and spices. Our Montelobos Pechuga is produced from a third distillation with a turkey breast, providing a sensory experience of all the spices and fruits that have been meticulously selected. Montelobos pays homage to the traditions of Oaxaca with an experiment based on traditional forms and typical festive ingredients.

product bottle pechuga

Montelobos Mezcal cocktails

Montelobos’s balance and complexity make it an extraordinary option for sipping and it allows bartenders to create bold and delicious mezcal cocktails.


Montelobos sustainability

Organic and sustainably sourced
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