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Montelobos has been committed to sustainable farming practices since its inception in 2011. As a brand, we use only cultivated agave, to produce our mezcals. We have established partnerships to grow tobalá and cupreata agave varieties, typically consider only to be imposible to farm, as a responsible practice to avoid the deforestation of these agaves from nature. Our espadin agave is organic certified, always free of any herbicides or pesticides.

In our production facility, we currently compost our vinasa – the liquid waste is left behind after distillation – and fiber residues, by mixing it together. As producers we have also taken innovative steps to improve the design of our palenque so that not only is there less waste going into the environment but the workers or palenqueros are also producing in less strenuous conditions. We have installed a chimney to maximize the use of our firewood and reduce smoke inside the distillery, we have redesigned the position of our stills so that the mezcaleros can unload and reload from the fermentation vats easily and with minimal waste.

Finally, all of our mezcals are certified kosher.